Wednesday, January 27, 2016

X-Files: Fox Mulder for the Cypher System

Despite his aloofness and cynical sense of humor, Mulder displays unbridled enthusiasm and interest when it comes to the paranormal, especially because of his personal involvement after his sister's abductionWalter Skinner and other FBI officials have become concerned by his unprofessional behavior. This only proves true as Mulder makes a habit of letting his personal feelings cloud his judgment.

Fox Mulder
Driven Explorer Who Solves Mysteries

Level/Effort 1

Might 12 Edge 1
Speed 10
Intellect 14 

Special Abilities 
Decipher (1 Intellect point)

Trained in Lockpicking
Trained in Perception
Trained in UFOology
Trained in The Paranormal 
Trained in Psychology
Trained in Criminology
Trained in Intellect defense

Practiced in Light and Medium Weapons
Each day, choose one skill that you believe will clearly help you reach your goal. You are trained in tasks related to that skill. 

Your commitment to your goals makes it hard to relate to others who don’t share your objectives or to notice things that don’t pertain to your present mission. The difficulty of all perception tasks is increased by one step.


Tier 1: 
   Investigator. To really shine as an investigator, you must engage your mind and body in your deductions. You can spend points from your Might Pool, Speed Pool, or Intellect Pool to apply levels of Effort to any Intellect-based task. Enabler. 

   Sleuth. Finding the clues is the rst step in solving a mystery. You are trained in perception. Enabler.

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