Friday, January 22, 2016

Battle Beasts: Perth The Golden for FAE

The excellent Masters of Umdarr, a great science fantasy setting for FATE Accelerated, has inspired me to work up some Battle Beasts, an awesome toy line I grew up with.

Kickback Kangaroo


High Concept: 
   Mutabeast Kangaroo Paladin
Motivation: To Serve as Sheriff of Knoq
Personal: To Win the Rhineland Rally
Shared: I Taught You How To Ride A Rocketbike

Careful: Good (+3) 
Clever: Average (+1) 
Flashy: Fair (+2) 
Forceful: Fair (+2) 
Quick: Average (+1) 
Sneaky: Mediocre (+0)


Scimitar (Flashy): You use a scimitar, wielding it in one or both hands. At the beginning of any conflict, as a free action and before anyone else acts, you can attempt to Flashily create an advantage that demonstrates how impressive a fighter you are.

Strong Legs (Flashy): You have powerful legs that are especially suited for running or jumping. During contests and cliffhangers, gain +2 when Quickly overcoming physical obstacles or creating advantages.

[  ]
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Mild (2): 
Moderate (4): 
Severe (6):


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