Thursday, January 7, 2016

X-Files: Black Oil Host for the Cypher System

The X-Files returns this January and I thought it would be cool to work up some of the most iconic villains.

A theory developed by Doctor Sacks and FBI Special Agent Dana Scully is that the black oil came to Earth prehistorically on a meteor from Mars that also carried the first building-blocks of life to Earth. The virus then thrived on Earth and infected primitive humans, completely changing their physiology and transforming them into alien life-forms themselves. In the planet's last ice age, these aliens died and the virus lay dormant underground until it resurfaced during Earth's current geologic period.

The same theory states that, in 1947, a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. The virus communicated with the UFOs, alerting the American government to its presence.


Motive: Conquest
Environment: Anywhere
Health: 12
Damage Inflicted: 4
Armor: 4
Movement: Short
Modifications: Might defense 5
Combat: A host is focused on their primary goal and will use any weapons at its disposal to achieve them.
Infect: When a character rolls a 1 while defending against a hot, the character must use its next turn to make a Difficulty 3 Intellect defense roll or become a host of the black oil.
Use: The Black Oil wants the earth for its own purposes and has hosts and allied governments throughout the world aiding in its goal.
Loot: A dead Black Oil host has 1 cypher.

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