Friday, January 29, 2016

Battle Beasts: Uther Ungol for FAE

The excellent Masters of Umdarr, a great science fantasy setting for FATE Accelerated, has inspired me to work up some Battle Beasts, an awesome toy line I grew up with.


High Concept: 
   Mutabug Spider Courtier
Motivation: To Faithfully Serve Commodore Thesh
Personal: To Solve the Fibonacci Conundrum
Shared: I Taught You Brackish

Careful: Average (+1) 
Clever: Fair (+2) 
Flashy: Good (+3) 
Forceful: Mediocre (+0) 
Quick: Average (+1) 
Sneaky: Fair (+2)


Eight Legs (Clever): You have 8 legs, which can take your enemy by surprise. +2 when Cleverly creating an advantage related to disarming or stealing from an opponent.

Spit Attack (Flashy): You can surprise your enemy with your hidden ability to spit poison. You may Cleverly attack opponents up to two zones away with this stunt. The first time during a scene that you attack in this way, add +2 to the attack. In addition, you can never become Unarmed.

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Mild (2): 
Moderate (4): 
Severe (6):


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