Sunday, January 10, 2016

Grave New World: Erik Oster for the Cypher System

Erik contracted lycanthropy at the age of nineteen after becoming one of  the eleven victims of Ronald "Rampage" Krenshaw's infection spree on December 21, 2009, also know as Bad Moon Night.

He's managed to adjust to his lycanthropy with therapy and by finding a strong and supportive pack to join in Indianapolis.
He's also devotes time to advocating lycanthropy awareness and mentoring the newly infected.  He's being pushed by his pack into entering local politics.

Erik has also had great success working for Bullivor-Cantrell, the midwest's premiere preternatural security agency.  He currently heads up there Unliving Disposal division, and is considered a regional expert on zombies.

Erik Oster
Werewolf Speaker Who Hunts Zombies

Level/Effort 1

Might 10
Speed 15
Intellect 13 Edge 1

Understanding (2 Intellect points)
Encouragement (1 Intellect point)
Enthrall (1 Intellect point)

Susceptible to Silver
Moon Mad

Trained in Tasks related to Perception
Trained in Deceiving, Persuading, or Intimidating
Practiced in Light and Medium Weapons

Tier1: Tracker and Hunter 

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