Monday, January 4, 2016

Antimony: Lumley for the Cypher System

There is a village two days travel north, past the Spiritlands, known as Antimony that will celebrate its tenth anniversary this High Summer Eve.  

Antimony attracts all kinds, including former cultists who still hear the whispered pleas of the daemon they worshiped for decades.

Lumley and Crichton were born into the strange and exotic Langolier Compound on the Winter Solstice over thirty years ago.  They were ignored by their parents and fended for themselves mostly, leaving for days at a time with no one seeming to notice.  

Sometime in their early teens they found their way into the hands of the Circle of the Whispering Strigoi.  They were naturals for the cult: curious, loyal, and angry.  They made their first kill within three months of joining.  And they liked it.  They talked little, but were always together and seemed to have a twin language all their own, 

Coincidentally, on the Winter Solstice ten years ago, the Circle tried to raise the daemon, Ye'Aro, into the Ninth World.  They failed and Crichton was pulled into some extra dimensional hell before Lumley's eyes.

For weeks, Lumley merely drank to forget the sight of his brother's destruction and to quiet Ye'Aro's incessant whispering.  Apparently Lumley was the only survivor of the Circle, and therefore the daemon's sole anchor on the Ninth World.  Broken and battered by his horrible life and empty without his beloved brother, Lumley marched out on a secluded shore before a trackless sea and set about ending his own misery.  But before his blade could draw a single drop of blood, Ye'Aro's whispered promises held him fast.  The daemon promised he would return Crichton to this World, if only Lumley would follow his plan to the very letter.

Three years later, Lumley is a hunter and journeyman jeweler.  He is quiet and respected and has proven his loyalty to the village on more than one occasion.  At least that's how he's perceived in the hours of the wane and ancient Sun.

By starlight, he is the Seneschal of the Whispering Strigoi, the Master of the Circle, and the Keeper of Ears.  His cult is eleven strong and he has almost fulfilled his part of the pact he made with Ye'Aro.  They meet in an ancient cairn the daemon revealed to Lumley most nights.  Gurgling and howling accolades to the dameon and offering it sacrifices of all shapes and sizes.  Soon, he will finish the daemon's work and be reunited with his brother.

Lumley is quiet and a keen listener.  He prefers to hunt and trap on his own and works for as an assistant to Bum Arcades the local jeweler.  Bum plans to leave his shop to the young man.  He has begun courting Rema, the youngest of the Cortez daughters and her family expects them to marry after winter.

As Master of the Circle of the Whispering Strigoi, he is cold and calculating, following Ye'Aro's every demand.  While the cult has always sacrificed sentient beings, in the last two season the requirements for victims grows daily and Lumley worries they will draw the villager's attention.  But he will do anything to see his brother once again.


Motive: To rescue his brother
Environment: Antimony
Health: 18
Damage Inflicted: 5
Armor: 1
Movement: Short
Modifications: Hunting 6, Jewelry Making 6, Socializing 4, Speed defense 6

Combat: Lumley is vicious with a dagger and commands strange and evil powers from the daemon he serves.
Seneschal of the Whispering Strigoi: Lumley take on the vestiges of the daemon, he gains +5 Health, +1 to Damage Inflicted, and +2 to Armor.
Master of the Circle: Lumley can summon 1d6 Level 2 cultists, once per scene.
Keeper of Ears: Lumley has 4 random cyphers.
Use: Lumley is resourceful and dedicated to Ye'Aro.  His only goal is to have his brother returned to him and will do anything to achieve this goal.
Loot: A dead Lumley has 2 cyphers.

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