Monday, January 25, 2016

The Old World: Saurus of the Lizard Men for 13th Age

Saurus are large, blue, reptilian warriors. They are over eight feet in length from head to the tips of their tails, and are covered in thick scales which act as armour. They have large jaws filled with razor-sharp teeth and have large talons that allow them to maul an opponent. When the Old Ones first created the Saurus they were tasked with eradicating the races that did not form a part of the Great Plan and have wiped out entire species in this quest. However, despite many campaigns, the Saurus were never able to completely eradicate the Greenskins. Saurus can live for thousands of years, and may well be immortal: it has never been known for a Saurus to die of old age, they always die in battle. Like all Lizardmen, the Saurus possess a cold, alien intelligence and are essentially without mercy. Their single-minded focus on warfare and training should not be mistaken for stupidity.


3rd level wrecker [REPTILE] 
Initiative: +7

Bred for Eradication +9 vs. AC - 10 damage
        Natural 16+: Fear grips the target.

Claw, Claw, Bite +8 vs. PD  - 10 damage
        Natural Odd Roll: 10 additional damage.
        Natural 16+: 20 additional damage.

Nastier Specials
Tailsweep +7 vs. AC (1d3 nearby enemies) - 10 damage
        Natural 16+: Target is hampered.

Immortal Warrior: The saurus uses the escalation dice.

AC 19

PD  17               HP 40

MD 12

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