Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How I Learned to Love D&D: M is for Monster Manual

My first real interaction with DnD was at our local B. Dalton's bookstore at "The Mall".

They had a HUGE (at least to me, I was around 6 years old) display with the ADnD 1E books front and center in their store.  And there was the Monster Manual beckoning me to open it's cover.

I stood there and read its mysterious contents and stared at the black and white illustrations for what felt like hours as my parent's shopped.  I wasn't sure what DnD was, but I knew that it was cool and I wanted this book.

Now, my Mom rarely said "no" to me and I was stunned when she told me we couldn't get that book today.

But, I was a pretty good kid and I accepted it.

In fact, as much as I loved that book, I didn't think about it again until college.

While, Mom knew I was playing Champions, when I told her we were going to make Dungeons and Dragons characters she casually told me of her concerns about "that" game.

While I had seen Mazes and Monsters, my Mom had never said anything negative about DnD or roleplaying games to me.

We talked about the games, what we did, I assured her that if ANY of my friends had any supernatural or satanic abilities they would hopefully had put them to better use than they were (personal hygiene was STILL an issue for some of these guys).

And after talking she told me she "trusted my judgement".  But in the conversation, she explained that she hadn't bought "that book" so many years ago.

Its still amazes me that such a strong and independent woman was concerned about DnD, but she was true to her word, she's never questioned my about it again and has even bragged that "he not only plays those games, but sells them too".

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