Friday, April 24, 2015

A to Z of How I Learned to Love D&D: U is for Uni

As I've written before, the DnD Cartoon was my first serious gateway to this game and the life I now live, selling it.

While unicorns are most probably considered common place by many fans of fantasy, Uni the unicorn...Bobby the Barbarian's beloved companion was my first exposure to a magical creature of goodness.

She was a great way to show the character's that while their new home was harsh and frightening and their mentor, the Dungeon Master was opaque and frustrating, there was beauty, innocence, and magic amongst them.  Uni had no agenda, she loved all of them and merely wanted a family.  Yes, she was naive and could get into trouble easily, but it was only out of ignorance of the dangers of the world.

She was, in essence then, a normal child.  Dazzled by the world she lived in, but not fully aware of how dangerous it could be.

I constantly marvel at the depth this show had, at at time when most kid's shows were goofy and pure commercials.

Even today, it makes me smile.

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