Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A to Z of How I Learned to Love D&D: Y is for Yeti

Once again, I'm cheating a bit here.

"Y" isn't easy on a good day.

I chose Yeti, because I love cryptids and especially yetis, sasquatches, and bigfoot.

I could even argue that the segment showing  the Patterson-Gimlin film on In Search Of, was just as essential part of my journey towards DnD as the TSR cartoon.

My love for cryptids is shared with my 10 year old daughter, these days, just as I share DnD with her.

We sit together and watch Mountain Monsters, Ghost Adventures, Alaska Monsters, Monsters and Mysteries in America...its some of our best quality time together.

Often, the cryptids we see there become fodder for her as a Dungeon Master when she runs DnD for her brother and I.  She tells me what she wants to create and I sit down and help her work out the stats and details.  She dazzles me with her creativity and the "encounters" she comes up with are often more elaborate that anything I brainstorm.  Its a privilege to mentor her as storyteller.

I also, really dig yetis.

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