Friday, April 10, 2015

Cross Planes is turning 4 today!

Four years ago today I started this blog.

Back then I was big in the OSR and was just returning to gaming from an extended sabbatical and, though I couldn't acknowledge it, I was playtesting DnD Next thanks to my WotC representative .

The group I was in was playing in a Pathfinder game and was trying to work on a variation on WWII where the war was still going on in 1947 and magic was alive and well.

I've really worked on evolving the blog since then.  Most of my early content was for Labyrinth Lord and there were a lot of play summaries.  I've supported 13th Age, the Adventure Game Engine and DnD 5th Edition as well.

The subtitle of this blog, "Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love DnD" refers to the Gaming ADD I've battled throughout my time in this hobby and it became a self-fulfilling prophecy as DnD 5E has become the one game I can see myself playing for years and years to come.

I'm trying to stick to more thematic series these days like Primeval Thule, Elemental Evil and Tiefling Heritages and hope to keep pushing myself as a writer and game designer.

A goal of mine is to start a novella on here, but we'll see, I'm not sure I'm that brave yet.

My next big project is to design a logo for the site, I'm still brainstorming what I want.

One area I'm extremely proud of, is that I've managed to break 200 posts in two of the years on here and 300 posts on another year.  Who knows, maybe I'll break 300 this year?

Either way, thank you for accompanying me on this journey.  Hopefully, my fifth anniversary will be even bigger and better.

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