Tuesday, July 21, 2015

ECHELON: Flash Mob for the Cypher System

So, I got the Cypher System Rule Book PDF last night.  Here is my first character for the Supers genre:

FLASH MOB is an Intelligent Speaker (with combat flavor) Who Existes in Two Places at Once

Might: 12 Edge: 0

Speed: 9 Edge: 0

Intellect: 14 Edge: 1

Effort: 1

Armor: 2

Cypher Use: 2

Light and Medium Weapons

Remembering Experiences, Science


Special Abilities:
Danger Sense (1 Speed)
Encouragement (1 Intellect)
Understanding (2 Intellect)

Tier 1: Duplicate

Power Shifts:
Intelligence (3 Shifts)
Healing (2 Shifts)

Special Light Armor (2 armor)
Power Baton (Medium Bashing 4)

Jon Martin Cooper Jr. is the oldest son of Jon Martin Cooper Sr. and Lena R. Cooper.  His parents met while going to college at Texas State University in Texas.  After graduating, they married and moved to San Diego, California with Jon Sr. taking a position at Future Perfect and Lena becoming an Art teacher at Sizemore Elementary.

Jon Jr. or JJ's science and math scores were off the chart and after graduating high school at 15, he was offered a full scholarship from Future Perfect in exchange for a 3 year contract upon graduation.

JJ, only 19 upon graduating with his PhD in Biochemistry and Biology, took a position on a team doing bleeding edge research at Future Perfect in Oakland, California to fulfill his contract.  Unbeknownst to him and his colleagues, their team was exposed to a strain of Isotope X that Future Perfect had unearthed in Iraq during the First Gulf War.

JJ achieved apotheosis later that week, when his apartment building caught fire.  His fear created allowed to create a duplicate so he could help his neighbors escape the blaze unscathed.

As the fire was being battled, JJ was approached by a man named Nathan who claimed that he worked for ECHELON on a project called The Kiln and that Future Perfect was responsible for exposing his team to Isotope X, as guinea pigs.  He offered to help JJ and any of his coworkers. 

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