Monday, June 15, 2015

The Bad Guys: The Zodiac Club for Icons

The Zodiac Club is a highly exclusive social club in San Francisco that was founded in 1893.  Originally, the Club was devoted to the study of theosophy and spiritualism, but it developed a reputation for debauchery and hedonism amongst the West Coast's most powerful.

In 1911, Renee Padilecki, the heiress to the Viceroy Hotel empire, took control of the Zodiac Club and succeeded in moving it away from its infamous past and into a quiet and stately institution.  What publicity they did garner was due to the many charitable works their members supported.

Meanwhile, Renee used the Club and all of its resources to assure that any Zodiac member would loyally work to ensure each other's success.

Over the decades, the Club's dominance grew from high society to private industry to the government and finally into organized crime.

The Zodiac Club is the best kept secret in crime, even in the 21st century.  Its uses its highly respectable members to shield itself and divert attention to more tempting targets for all of its nefarious activities.

The Zodiac Club is invitation only and new members must be willing to donate 10 million dollars to the Club and sign extensive non-disclousure agreements with harsh punishments.

It currently has thirteen lodges throughout the world, and its headquarters is still in San Francisco.

The Club is lead by the Star Chamber, twelve members who set the agenda and guide it's machinations.

Lady Aries - Renee Padilecki, who has used Prima Vitae to achieve immortality and currently poses as her own great-grandaugher, Rose.  She is the leader of the Club.

Lady Taurus - Judith Van Zandt, co-founder of Peach Computers. She is in charge of Antartica.

Lord Gemini - Kurt Bloom, front man for the band Kismet and acclaimed songwriter.  He is in charge of weapon assets.

Lord Cancer - Nasir Touma, real estate mogul and founder of Sold.Com.  He is in charge of Research and Development.

Lady Leo - Ingrid Bunt, founder of Godiva Clothiers.  She is in charge of counter-intelligence.

Lord Virgo - Pierre Beringer, internet gossip columnist.  He is in charge of intelligence.

Lady Libra - Monique Washingon, Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court.  She is in charge of Australia.

Lady Scorpius - Meifen Kwan, CTO of Qin Computers.  She is in charge of Africa.

Lady Sagittaurius - Misaki Mori, CEO of Kabuki Motors.  She is in charge of Asia and the Pacific Rim.

Lord Capricorn - Len Epstein, legendary producer of World News Nightly.  He is in charge metahuman assets.

Lord Aquarius - Morgan DuBois, former mayor of Oakland.  He is in charge of North and South America.

Lady Pisces - Cheryl Hudson, supermodel and entertainment mogul.  She is in charge of Europe. 

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