Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Bad Guys: Anomaly for Icons


Determination: 1          

Stamina: 11

Origin: Artificial

Prowess: Good (5)

Coordination: Fair (4)

Strength: Fantastic (9)

Intellect: Great (6)

Awareness: Good (5)

Willpower: Poor (2)

Life Support: Amazing (8)

Material Mimicry: Incredible (7)

Phasing: Good (5)
Precognition: Good (5)
Transformation (Humanoids): Good (5)

Tactics (+1)
Computers (+1)

From the Future
"The Doctrine Will Prevail."

The artificial intelligence known as Anomaly was first encountered at the Bauhaus Nuclear Reactor in Germany seven years ago.  The being literally appeared in the heart of the reactor and would have sent the reactor into meltdown if not for the intervention of ECHELON's Atlas One super team.
While Atlas One was able to defeat and stop Anomaly, the Merovingian tragically lost his life during the mission.  However, before Anomaly could be taken into custody, several operatives from the Order of the Basilisk--Maw, Granite, and Chasm-- arrived and were able to escape with the AI.
For close to five years, Anomaly was a key factor in many of the Order's greatest success until he was finally defeated by the Emissary during a raid on the ESCHELON Aerofortress known as Alcazar.
When ESCHELON finally took the AI into custody at the BIDENT, noted cyberpath, Doctor Henrietta Plex, was able to discern that Anomaly was from a future where it served as a general in the forces of the Invex Doctrine.  The Doctrine was a conquering army of artificial intelligences that was trying to wipe out mankind and Anomaly was sent back in time to prevent the defeat of the Invex Doctrine by it's leader, the Primary Cortex.  Dr. Plex noted that Anomaly is constantly looking a the probabilities of various world events and interfering when it believes it can alter its future to ensure the victory of the Invex Doctrine.
During her third interview, Dr. Plex was severely injured when the Order of the Basilisk broke Anomaly out of the BIDENT.  
The AIs current whereabouts is unknown.

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