Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Bad Guys: Anathema for Icons


Determination: 2          

Stamina: 14

Origin: Birthright

Prowess: Great (6)
Coordination:  Amazing (8)
Strength:  Amazing (8)
Intellect:  Fair (4)
Awareness:  Good (5)
Willpower:  Amazing (8)

Aquatic: Good (5)
Binding: Good (5)

Regeneration: Good (5)
Teleportation: Poor (2)

Occult (+2)
Martial Arts (+1)
Member of the Order of the Basilisk
Apex Predator
"By the Leprous Lesions of Leph, I Curse You!"

The metahuman known only as Anathema, burst on the international scene four years ago, when she participated on a coordinated strike of BIDENT, an ECHELON Containment Facility under the Atlantic Ocean.  She reportedly lead the raid by Jumpjet, Aperture, Spire, and Narwhal, all members of  the Order of the Basilisk, a infamous team of assassins, to free their long-time comrade, Anomaly.  
Since then, she has been connected in at least seven other terrorist actions all over the globe and has twice battled Minuteman, Boston's legendary speedster, before narrowly escaping.
She has demonstrated metahuman speed and willpower, short range teleportation, the ability to breath underwater, regenerative properties and the ability to spit a mucous substance to snare opponents.  She is a trained martial artist and is believed to be a devoted student to the mystical teachings of Leph, Liege of the Last Level.
ECHELON Agents should be aware that she has shown a willingness to kill and caution should always be maintained in confronting her.

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