Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Bad Guys: Apotheosis for Icons


Determination: 4          

Stamina: 13

Origin: Transformed

Prowess: Good (5)

Coordination: Great (6)

Strength: Fair (4)

Intellect: Good (5)

Awareness: Good (5)

Willpower: Fantastic (9)

Cosmic Power: Amazing (8)
Flight: Incredible (7)

Science (+1)
Pilot (+1)
Leadership (+1)

"I Will Lead Humanity Into the Stars..."
"The Sworn Warned Me About You!"
The Ends Justify the Means

Captain Noah Bettis was crew chief of Athena 1, the doomed mission to establish a permanent base on Luna.  Seventy-eight minutes into the flight, an unexplained power surge was recorded by the ships systems and moments later Athena 1 exploded.
The United Stated was still mourning the loss of the Hercules' astronaut crew, when Captain Bettis appeared in the Oval Office and warned the President that he had been saved and contacted by a mysterious race of beings known as the Sworn, powerful entities from the Ninth Dimension, who wanted to save humanity by leading it into the stars.  He demonstrated to the POTUS that he had been transformed into a cosmically powered being and began telepathically showing her his plan to save the world.  However, the Secret Service and the metahuman federal agent known as Jaunt, arrived on the scene and were able to get President Green to safety.
The Secret Services actions caused Bettis to go on a rampage through the streets of Washington D.C., where he was finally driven off by the Liberty Machine, a superteam sponsored by the FBI.
Captain Bettis, now going by Apotheosis, has become the chief suspect in the kidnapping of several prominent experts in various fields and is believed to be formulating a plan to "save humanity from itself".  
The Vanguard encountered him in Buenos Aires and were able to prevent him from kidnapping noted physicist, Tara Baloo.  However, Aphotheosis managed to escape.
All ESCHELON agents should be on the lookout for Apotheosis.  He is considered to be unstable and extremely dangerous. President Green has requested that all precautions to apprehend him non-fatally should be taken, if possible.

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