Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New Comics Day: Spook for Icons


Determination: 3          

Stamina: 10

Origin: Transformed

Prowess: Average (3)
Coordination:  Good (5)
Strength:  Good (5)
Intellect:  Good (5)
Awareness:  Good (5)
Willpower:  Amazing (8)

Telepathy: Average (3)
Astral Projection: Incredible (7)
Mental Blast: Fair (4)
Investigation (+2)
People Person
"The Best Defense, is a Good Offense"

Colleen Pyka was in her first year at UNLV as a Criminal Justice major with big plans to one day join the FBI.  However, after getting paid for a psychological profile she was contacted by Future Perfect, a bleeding edge bioresearch firm in Oakland.  She was told that her grades and psych profile made her a perfect candidate as a summer intern with their security department, which paid great and could potentially help her get into Quantico.  
She was attached as a security liaison to JJ Cooper's team and like them, was exposed to a strain of Terrigin Mist.
However, within several hours she fell into a mysterious coma which led her to discover her astral projection talent and then her telepathy.  Her astral form came into contact with a being calling himself Century, who claimed to be an extraterrestrial and warned her about Future Perfect's experiment on her.  He also helped her sense that Future Perfect had dispatched personnel to kill her, but told her that he had an ally on their way to help.
Colleen realized that two women were now in her hospital room with a syringe and she used her newfound telepathy to confirm they were here to kill her.  She awoke from her coma and used her mental blast to subdue them both, just as a tall, dark stranger came into the room.  
The stranger identified himself as Simon Williams and told her his company Williams Innovations could help her.  Reading his mind, she saw that he was sincere, he hoped she join a special project known as Force Works, but also that he was hiding something.  She told him she would leave with him but, wouldn't make any long-term promises.
He reunited her with several members of the research team she was assigned to and discovered that Future Perfect was a subsidiary of Roxxon Oil and had used them all as guinea pigs for a strain of Terrigin Mists they'd found in Iraq during the First Gulf War.
For the moment she's content to help Force Works and is hellbent on toppling Future Perfect.  She has grown close to Century and continues to try to figure out Simon's secret.

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