Sunday, February 10, 2013

DC Tries it's hand at the "Political Super Hero Genre"

In the wake of six titles currently part of DC's "New 52", the comics publisher announced The Movement and The Green Team as part of their replacements.

The former series seeks to identify with the so-called 99% and the latter to the so-called 1%.

I firmly believe a deft hand can make a politically-charged property work, however I don't feel that Gail Simone has that talent, but I'm unfamiliar with Art Balthazar.

Unfortunately both books seem to be symptomatic of what's wrong with american comic books these days.  Marvel and DC don't want the aging customers they have and aim their titles at the college age reader, who aren't reading their books.  They want the audience they care little for to read material that isn't aimed at them and can't understand what's going wrong.  So they generate crossovers, reboots, renumbering, costume changes,  and killing characters off (temporarily) in lieu of quality stories.

I understand that comics are often ahead of the curve on social issues and accept and even applaud it, but both companies really need to understand that the best comic book "published" in the last decade came out last may and was a film called The Avengers.  When hollywood nails your property better than you, it's time to realize you have a very, very big problem.

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Mark Means said...

Yeah, I don't know if Simone is liberal enough to make a project like that seem realistic. Oh, who am I kidding... -of course- she's liberal enough...and then some.

Balthazar used to do Tiny Titans, which was a cute book and I think I used to follow him on Twitter, but he's another lefty, like Simone, and I unfollowed due to preachy-ness.

All that said, though...they could be interesting titles if done correctly and without emphasis on pushing 'the agenda'.

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