Monday, February 18, 2013

Masque of the Red Death NEXT Part 1

Backgrounds for Masque of the Red Death in DnD Next


Skills: Heal, Listen, Persuade, Search
Trait - Medical Professional: You have access to a hospital's medical procedures and the ability to write prescriptions for medicines and medical treatment.


Skills: Knowledge (Arcana and one additional field of study),  Sense Motive, Spot.
Trait - Occult Library: You have access to a large library of book on the occult and may even have access to ritual magic.

Stage Magician

Skills: Disable Device or Use Rope, Escape Artist or Tumbling, Perform, Sleight of Hand.
Trait - Celebrity: You are well know as a stage performer and a comfortable in the spotlight and at ease using your celebrity to gain special treatment.

Consulting Detective

Skills: Knowledge (Heraldry or Science), Gather Rumors, Search,  Sense Motive.
Trait - Contacts: You have access to a group of dedicated contacts who can help you find information and who you trust.

Big Game Hunter

Skills: Knowledge (Folklore), Knowledge (Nature), Spot, Track.
Trait - Club Member: You have our member of a gentleman's social club who's membership is diverse and can help you with their experience.


Skills: Handle Animal, Knowledge (Sciences), Search, Spot.
Trait - Laboratory: You have access to a well stocked laboratory to aid in your endeavors.

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