Tuesday, February 26, 2013

R.I.P.? Again?!!

So DC Comics is killing off Robin...Damian Wayne this time.  Apparently this was Grant Morrison's idea all along.  Does anyone truly believe that Grant's storyline was ever logically laid out enough to come to this conclusion?

It's a shame that Marvel and DC keep coming back to killing their intellectual properties to spur sales.  I guess either the editorial staff has forgotten the lengths they went to to bring Jason Todd back, or even sadder none of that staff were around a few years ago and might not know who Jason Todd or Damian is...

It's great when killing a character who is ten years old is seen as a "good move".  Maybe we can make Batman attempt suicide next.

And I wonder have the creative types or the editorial types thought about how odd it will be for Batman to have Robing die and Bruce Wayne's son disappear?  I guess I'm overthinking it.


brumcg said...

I don't think I could put "logic" and "Grant Morrison" in the same sentence.

The whole thing is ridiculous. IMO they created an unlikable character and they are taking the lazy way out by killing him. Oh, and then bringing him back in the future... of course.


Cross Planes said...

I agree completely. Although it dawned me that probably Batman or Talia will put Damian in the Lazarus Pit and Kingdom Come's Ibn al Xu'ffasch will be born. So either Batman will make his son an undead murderer or hell be face with another sociopath that will go on murder sprees and he'll impotently do nothing about it.

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