Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Of Mars: Plant Men for 13th Age

The adults of the species can grow to a height of ten to twelve feet standing erect, the children of the species grow out from the parents' armpits, appearing identical to the adults. They are cycloptic, possessing only one eye in the center of their faces. The eye is pure white, with no apparent iris or pupil. There is no mouth in the head, and the nose consists of one nostril, which resembles a bloodless bullet wound. The head is covered with thick black hair, which can grow to a length of eight to ten inches. Each hair is about as thick as an angleworm and moves independently of the others; these act as the creature's ears. The rest of the body is humanoid in shape, but the feet are three feet long and very broad and flat, and the arms are short and undulating, not unlike an elephant's trunk. The hands are tipped with razor-sharp claws, and in each palm lies a mouth; the claws shred the leaves and grasses that make up the bulk of the plant men's diet so that they can be easily swallowed. Completing the anatomy is a tail which is round at the base but becomes flat at the tip. The "blood" of a plant man is green and sticky, resembling syrup.

The plant men travel in packs, using their broad feet to launch themselves into the air, not unlike the earthly kangaroo. The brain is only slightly larger than the tip of the pinky of an adult human, and is only capable of directing the plant man's movements and processing what they see and hear. They are incapable of any sort of reasoning, acting only on instinct. Their diet consists of plants and blood from animals. If threatened, they leap into the air and strike their foe with their tails, which are so strong that one blow can crack the skull of a Green Martian as if it were an egg.

2nd level spoiler [PLANT]
Initiative: +3

Tail +7 vs PD - 10 damage
     Natural Roll of 16+: The target is stunned.

Pack: There are 1d4+1 Plant Men.

Nastier Specials
It's Claws Have Mouths On Their Palms! vs AC - 7 damage

     Natural Even Roll: The target is weakened.

AC 18

AC 16          HP 36

MD 10

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