Sunday, August 7, 2016

Back from Gen Con 2016

Living less than two hours from Indianapolis makes it hard NOT to go to Gen Con for the full four days, but with a family of five, it's an EXPENSIVE mini-vacation. Well, seeing as how I work full time at a comics and game store, that's part of the problem, it doesn't feel like a vacation when I get back from only one day.

We went up today and my wife, myself and my youngest shopped the Exhibit Hall (both for the store and for us), while me three older kids (four, really, since my oldest's boyfriend is family at this point) played True Dungeons (something ELSE I can't afford for the whole family to do).

There wasn't much news out of the Con that really grabbed me. I'm intrigued by the announcement of Monte Cook Games' Invisible Sun RPG, though the teasers haven't grabbed me yet. Although, I inevitably find my way toward their games, so I'll probably back it when it Kickstarts either later this week or next week.

I stopped by Roll 4 Initiative's booth (some friends bought me one of their Battle Mats and it beats everybody else's, hands down), to pick up some dice and other goodies.

I picked up the Prototype for Shadowrun Anarchy from Catalyst because it was only $5 and I'm glad I did. I'll do a review of it soon, but basically it's a stripped down version of the Sixth World that I can see myself running.

I picked up the Cackler graphic novel by Shane Hensley and Bart Sears from the fine folks at Pinnacle.

And the Shadow of the Demon Lord Fast/Slow counter from Campaign Coins and Schwalb Entertainment (who are all some really fine gents).

There were WAY too many people there for an old codger like me and I think the venue needs to expand the aisles. I had the worst hot dog I've ever had AND overpaid for it. We all got bumped quite a bit by rogue backpacks. I went into this Gen Con trying to talk myself into joining my oldest there next year for the whole four days, but I just don't know. It's a very overwhelming experience and I find myself waxing nostalgic for Milwaukee and the TSR Castle.
Our family will be talking over the next few weeks if Gen Con 2017 will MORE than a one day affair next year.

I will say that every time I find myself in Indianapolis I am impressed. I find it much more charming city than Cincinnati.

I'd like to say it is the BEST four days in gaming, but I'd be lying to you. But I hope everyone else who went had a great time and ask you to forgive my grumbling.

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