Monday, August 15, 2016

Invisible Sun by Monte Cook Games on Kickstarter

Today is the launch of Monte Cook's newest game on Kickstarter, Invisible Sun. Since the companies founding I have backed every Kickstarter they have produced, at one level or another. I nearly did not back No Thank You, Evil! and I'm glad I changed my mind. The money I've spent with MCG has well been worth it.

What I've read about Invisible Sun reminds me, in many ways of Every and Mage: The Ascension 1st Edition. Two games that I enjoyed reading but never ran. While I'm sure Invisible Sun will be well designed and written, I have no assurance I will ever do anything with it.

Now, this isn't always a problem, but the initial level to back is $197.00. To playtest (which I have done before), is an additional $152. Based on the wording, and I may very well be mistaken, to get the Stretch goals requires you to back at the $539.00 level. There is no PDF only level, though the game comes with a PDF. MCG has made no bones about hiding that this a a deluxe or premium product and in a few short hours, they campaign has earned nearly $88k of it's $200k goal.

I think my problems are two-fold: 1) If I broke the bank and bought the $539 level and the Playtesting, that is $691. But I've been putting off being an iPad Pro that my wife would really like and my Macbook might need upgrading in a few months. 2) I don't know that I would ever run this. I actually have at least one group that I'm certain would try it, but I'm not sure its the kind of game I want to run.

I really hope MCG gives us a preview of the system, a quickstart would be a great idea for this campaign and would help me out quite a bit.

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