Saturday, July 18, 2015

Strange Ideas

I've just begun really digging into Monte Cook Games' The Strange.  Its concept, reminds me of a mix of pre-crisis DC Comics, Stargate (film and TV series), and TORG.

While Im waiting for the Cypher System Rule Book to see Supers in all of their glory, I've been looking at a set-up where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the main setting.  However, its recursions are based off of other eras of Marvel TV and Movies.  So you'd have Fox's X-men on another Earth, Both of Fox's FF films on separate worlds, then Blade on another world, Ghost Rider, the first Hulk film, etc.  You'd even have an earth with the Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, and Captain America TV outings from the 70's.  Maybe even an earth that is the home of the first Captain America and unreleased FF film?

Its mostly brainstorming and I don't see much probability of it being played, but you never know.

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