Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Realms: The Red Door

The organization known as the Red Door, is a band of slavers operating in the Silver Marches and along the Sword Coast, that has been in existence for nearly a decade.  It was founded by Leto Prouse, a human assassin and former Zhentarim agent and Cleft the Cloven, a tiefling warlock from the city-state of Phsant.  

In the last year Cleft's patron, a rakshasa named Vazir Khl oro, began pressuring him to find more and more slaves for a ritual the rakshasa's master required. 

The Red Door began tripling its needs for slaves and began hiring hobgoblins of the Screaming Skull Legion to fill their demand and began working with a Cthonic Circle Druid known as Geddon.  Prouse and Cleft clashed over how reckless their organization had become and Prouse was murdered by Vazir, sending the slavers a clear message who was in charge.

Riders of Nesme began to pay closer attention to the increasing disappearances around their city and a band of adventurers were hired to look into it.

What the adventurers discovered was that the Red Door was supplying slaves to Vazir for a ritual to summon Fraz-Urb'luu to Faerun.  While the first ritual was prevented from succeeding, Vizier and Cleft escaped and are currently on the run.

Geddon has been tasked with distracting the Riders by sending marauding bands of lycanthropes, known as the Throng, to attack Nesme's walls.  The druid is waiting for more directions.

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