Monday, July 13, 2015

Masters of the Universe Monday: He-Man for the Cypher System

Adam of the House of Randor is a direct descendant of the legendary King Grayskull, Prince Adam of Eternia was chosen to protect his ancestor's Power Sword from evil. At first, he used a techno vest with a built-in force field to fight evil, but Adam has since learned to combine both halves of the Power Sword, using it to channel the energy of the Elders to become He-Man - The Most Powerful Man in the Universe! He guards the safety of all Eternia alongside the heroic Masters of the Universe.

HE-MAN is a Noble Warrior (Glaive) Who Performs Feats of Strength

Might: 20 Edge: 3

Speed: 11 Edge: 1

Intellect: 11 Edge: 1

Effort: 3

Armor: 2

All Armor
All Weapons

Etiquette, Heavy Bladed, Interacting with Nobility, Jumping, Leadership, Medium Bashing, Might Defense, Smashing, Swimming


Fighting Moves:
Muscles of Iron (2 Might)
Thrust (1 Might)
Lunge (2 Might)

Tier 1: Athlete
Tier 2: Feat of Strength (1 Might)
Tier 3: Iron Fist

Special Light Armor (2 armor)
Shield (Speed Defense Asset)
Power Sword (Heavy Blade) 7 damage
Punch (Medium Bashing) 4 damage

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