Saturday, January 14, 2017

Godless: The Town of Rachel

I've worked up a settlement for Godless using the excellent Other Dust:

Rachel is located in what used to known as Nevada and is of average size for a wasteland settlement, with 400 adult locals. It is led by the Carbide Union, who have retained the knowledge of how to make batteries other chemicals. Additionally, pilgrims from all over visit Star Hill, about 2 miles northeast of the town. Star Hill is known for frequent visits by Green Men from the Night Sky.

Locations in Rachel include The Store, The Bar, The Other Bar, The Farm, The Ranch, The Mine, and The Center.

While many make pilgrimages to Star Hill, most avoid Rachel and it's inhabitants, because of their strange ways and they are unwelcome to most communities within 20 miles. The other communities want nothing to do with a Rachelite and will use violence to warn them off.

Much of this anger and dislike is tied to friends and neighbors who have gone missing and the belief that the Rachelites make tributes to the Green Men from the Night Sky on the Summer Solstice. Sadly, outsiders are right to be angry as the Rachelites prefer to offer strangers to the Green Men.

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