Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Godless: Graboid for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Yesterday, Schwalb Entertainment released Godless, a new setting for Shadow of the Demon Lord that let's you play in world inspired by Mad Max. I felt like Godless need more graboids from Tremors.

Graboids are subterranean animals, superficially resembling gigantic worms or grubs, with long cylindrical bodies. When fully grown, a Graboid will be up to 30 feet (9.1 m) long, and 6 feet (1.8 m) across at the widest point, and weigh 10-20 tons. Graboids have no eyes; they do not need them, due to living underground. Their heads consist of a massive black armored beak, which is used to push aside the dirt whilst digging. The beak opens like a grotesque flower; it consists of a wide upper jaw, a thinner lower jaw, and a pair of hooked mandibles, one on each side. 

Graboids have three long powerful snake-like tentacles, which are prehensile and can reach at least 10 feet (3.0 m). Each of these tentacles (which have been loosely compared to functioning like the creature's tongue) terminates in a toothed mouth of its own. It is unclear if they bite off and swallow food on their own, or if they are simply used to get a better grip on prey so it can be dragged into the creature's jaws. Normally kept retracted in the Graboid's throat, these tentacles were initially mistaken for the whole creatures, causing the characters in the first Tremors film to underestimate the size of their underground opponents.

A Graboid's hide is thick and leathery, with a rough, pebbly texture, that gives them a reptilian appearance (although they are not reptiles). This makes them very hard to kill with anything short of saturation bombing or large-bore rounds. Graboids are immensely strong, able to topple over mobile homes, tow heavy objects such as a pickup truck without slowing down, smash through brick walls, and pull a station wagon underground. 

GRABOID          DIFFICULTY 100 for Godless and SotDL
Size 3 horrifying monster
Perception 11 (+1); sightless
Defense 18; Health 80
Strength 18 (+8)   Agility 14 (+4)   Intellect 10 (+0)   Will 10 (+0)
Speed 18; burrower (the graboid can move through the earth)

Tongue (melee; reach +2) +4 with 1 boon (1d6 plus Drag on an attack roll of 20+)
Drag The graboid moves the target 1d6 yards towards itself

Jaws One creature within 1 yard of the graboid is grabbed and takes 4d6 damage. If the creature is reduced to 0 Health or less, it is consumed by the graboid.
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