Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Godless: The Ditch Witch for Shadow of the Demon Lord

She remembers the time before the Cataclysm, when she listened to her Mistress and read the signs sent to her. Her Mistress chose her to survive and endure, she let her find the Library and study and learn. She even tried to take others in and teach them what her Mistress had taught her. But they didn't listen, they cursed her and caller her witch and worse. 

She managed to escape them and slowly over the month sneak back into her domicile and take what she needed. That last night, she watched them while the slept, remembering them beating her, knocking her into a ditch, caller her witch. The Ditch Witch. She decided they need to be cleansed of their sins with fire. It was only right, it's how the Mistresses' enemies had done it in the Old Days.

She fled into the wasteland to study and learn. Soon, others came, but this time she did not allow them to join her. This time she marked her territory and warned them about trespassing. Sometimes she would give a weary and desperate parent a treatment for their sick child. Sometimes she would murder the parent and transform the child into a pig to roast. She barely heard her Mistress anymore, but she could smell their fear...

DITCH WITCH  DIFFICULTY 25 for Godless and SotDL
Size 1 human
Perception 13 (+3)
Defense 11; Health 25
Strength 10 (0)   Agility 11 (+1)   Intellect 15 (+5)   Will 13 (+3)
Speed 10 
Cantrip Whenever the ditch witch discovers a tradition, they learn 
   an extra rank 0 spell from that tradition.
Spell Recovery The ditch witch can use an action to heal damage 
   equal to their healing rate and regain one casting they expended 
   of a spell they have learned. Once they use this talent, they cannot 
   use it again until after they complete a rest.
Counterspell When a creature the ditch witch can see attacks them 
   with a spell, they can use a triggered action to counter it. The 
   triggering creature makes the attack roll with 1 bane and the ditch 
   witch makes the challenge roll to resist it with 1 boon.

Golf Club (melee) +0 with 2 boons(1d6)

Power 3
Conjuation Direct Conjuration (4)
Curse Swine (1), Weakness (1), Hex (4), Frighten (2)
Divination Eavesdrop (4), Augur (2)
Enchantment Bewitch (4)
Illusion Disguise (4)
Magician Sense Magic (4)
Shadow Shadow Monster (1), Wall of Darkness (4)
Teleportation Dismiss (4)

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