Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Ballad of Billy Ray Cordite Verses 1 & 2

My name is Willem Rary Cordite, my sword is pledged to Sherif Robilar Guillaume of Bree, the rest of me, to Keeping the Peace.  May the Law guide my Hand and all that is Good guide my Heart for now and for all time.

Alright, now that we got the formalities out of the way, everyone calls me Billy Ray, even my Mom.  Don't call me Willem, I won't answer to it.  I'm a Paladin and I've been tasked with advising a rising young monster hunter, Van Helsing, in the field.  He's a good lad and I think he has a bright future ahead of him.  He's a crack shot with those fancy shooting irons he wears.

The Sherif, didn't want me to bring Rosie on the mission, but she's like a daughter to me and quite frankly I'd be lost without her skills.  They complement mine and I'm no good at infiltration wearing plate.  The Sherif underestimates her value, but that's the way she likes it.

Our sorcerer is a tiefling named Je'lls Hothands, I understand that there have been several objections to his presence amongst our Order, but I pay no heed of whispers.  Perhaps its my growing up in the Wyld West, but I let a man prove his worth before I judge him unfit.  Fear and ignorance are the tools of Hell, after all.

A jovial northman, Yolaf Jarlson, is our oracle and he has been assigned to our band to provide knowledge and firepower.  He seems well suited to the task and I find him a pleasant companion.

Finally, we've been assigned a half-orc named Krull.  He's very amusing and I feel we will complement each other as he has mastered a wicked, double headed axe and his prowess with it is unsurpassed.

Van tells me that a prominent benefactor to the Church, a Mrs. Blackhall, has summoned us to her manor in the marshlands, west where we've been stationed.  Her home is dilapidated and I worry she is a bit touched.  She reminds me of a witch woman I knew as a boy.  She is convinced an upstart young warlock, named Zulrule Khyris, stole her ruby necklace and points to his home through a breach in her wall.  Je'lls discerns that there is some type of portal there and we promise to return her necklace.

Je'lls was indeed right and we find ourselves in a blasted landscape of smoke and rubble.  An odd woman with moths on her shoulders "greeted us" with an ambush.

I need to take a moment to comment on how sad I find this woman's lot.  She was pretty and probably smart and yet the abuses against her over the years had turned her talents to darkness.  And moths?  I try explaining to her that butterflies would not only be more attractive but make her feel better about herself, unfortunately it only served to anger her further.  Alas, she's far to bound to her bitterness and pride and we are forced to fight her.

Akarat guided my hand and I overpower her, but she pled for mercy and offered surrender.  I will not murder even in the name of my Sheriff and I spared her with the warning that any guile will lead to her execution.  My band was shocked at my decision and it saddened me that my Boss isn't known for mercy anymore.

This woman, Magdha, informed us she was a slave to Khyris and had been fighting him with the aid of her Coven.  She promised to help us gain entrance to his Castle and warned us that the ruby necklace is a tool the witch woman needed to control her lycanthropy.  Van & I felt Magdha was telling the truth and agreed to be transported to the Castle.

Alas, my instincts were wrong and my band was endangered for it.  We ended up in some hellish dreamscape filled with eels and and an obstacle course.  Apparently the dreamer was a man named Adrian who has fallen to Magdha.  He struck me as a self serving ass, but perhaps all he needed was a helping hand.  Sometimes all anyone needs is a helping hand.

I hope my instincts serve me better next time.

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Unknown said...

You really outdid yourself again Mark, it was such a pleasure reading this. I am pleased to know you like my game and Billy Ray is writing about the adventure ^^

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