Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Heroes of New Cincinnati: Carrion, a member of the Rebels


For 42 years, Pneumatik, worked with the Steel Brigade and the Vigilance Squad to protect the citizens of our country. It was a rainy day, amongst the ruins of New York City that he met his end at the hands of Kator Thong, the Horror of 1,000 Stars. The country mourned his passing and he was buried at the Major Storm Memorial Cemetery for Fallen Heroes.

His rest was short lived, however. 13 days later, on the first night of October's full moon, Pneumatik returned from the dead. Not that you would recognize the creature that slid it's way free from his coffin and floated through the eath to bathe in the bright moonlight. On that night, Carrion was born.

Carrion had few memories of it's past, but when Baby Doll found him, she quickly saw a use for Pneumatik's memories hidden deep inside Carrion's skull and has used them to her advantage ever since. She has actively crippled his full personality and kept him a dim, but effective minion.

Carrion is not stupid, but Baby Doll has nearly total control over his actions, however he's slowly, ever so slowly gaining some resistance to her. Purge frightens him, but not because of what Purge can do to Carrion, but because of the malice he senses within the fire starter. Carrion is very protective of Gadfly, he does not realize that Jenna is the little girl he used to let climb all over him during his time in the Vigilance Squad and Jenna doesn't realize he is her father's beloved mentor. During his initiation at the Pit, Carrion came upon Devour eating a guard and murdered him on the spot.

Carrion can control his density to allow himself to phase through objects or gain super strength and near invulnerablity. But using his hyperdense strength to leap into the air and then control his density so he can effectively fly.

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