Saturday, July 28, 2012

Heroes of New Cincinnati: Purge, a member of the Rebels


Scott Gabriel Wilson was the kid in your school who's cold, dead eyes made you feel like he was considering what your marrow tasted like. He didn't have any friends, his parents were never around and you made sure and kept your pets away from him because of all the little graves in his backyard.

Scott is, quite simply, a serial arsonist and the only thing that kept him from becoming a headline was Baby Doll finding him before his predilections drew the attention of the authorities. Scott has decided he is a cleansing flame of purity in a corrupt world, and Baby Doll's manipulations have refined him into a laser she wields with incredible effectiveness.

While Scott firmly believes that he should be in charge of the Rebels, Baby Doll is the only person that has ever truly frightened him and he couldn't move against her if he dared. Gadfly is the wild card in the mix, because Scott actually cares for her, but Baby Doll has made sure to distort that attraction. Scott would prefer if Carrion wasn't in the group and if it were up to him, he'd have burned him up on their initiation, just like did to Hyper and Consequence to win Baby Doll's approval. He hates that Baby Doll is quick to point out to him that Carrion is more valuable to her than he is, and she loves channeling his anger into a weapon.

Purge can generate and control fire. He can use these abilities to fly, protect himself and harm anyone who touches him and produce fiery blasts. 

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