Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Heroes of New Cincinnati: Gadfly, a member of the Rebels

Gadfly, a member of the Rebels  

Jenna Oliva Pernel is the daughter of Hank Pernel (Exponent) and Thia Marie Montgomery-Pernel (Captain Vortex), both members of the Vigilance Squad and two of the most beloved heroes in the U.S. By age 17, Jenna showed no sign of developing powers and scans performed by fellow Squad member, Dr. Membrain, showed her to be a normal girl.  While Jenna was disspointed, her dad was relieved feeling his daughter could live a normal life.  However, Thia became deranged. She couldn't bear the thought of her daughter being only merely normal and began searching for a way to give her daughter powers.

When none of her normal avenues would help her, she turned to darker options and was approached by one of the Squad's greatest enemies, Doctor Thorax. Thia submitted Jenna to Thorax's experiments against her will and while Hank was away on a mission. The procedure was torturous to Jenna, but when it was over she had powers. Thia was so blinded by her obsession, she was shocked that Jenna loather he her--exactly as Thorax planned.
Jenna unconsciously used her powers of persuasion to force her mother to commit suicide before she stopped herself and fled in horror at what she'd nearly done.  After spending months underground, she became quite adept at using her powers to not only survive, but flourish.   She heard about a tryout for a team led by Baby Doll and played a key role in successfully infiltrating the Pit.

Jenna isn't certain that she feel safe amongst the Rebels, but it reminds her enough of her time amongst the Vigilance Squad to give her an anchor she desperately needs.  Jenna was a happy and mentally healthy person before her mother's betrayal and Baby Doll has expertly built herself up to be a replacement mother to Jenna, while continuously making the young woman more dependent on her. Purge frightens her, but she is convinced there is more to Carrion than anyone else notices.

Gadfly can fly, has super strength and stamina, a healing factor and has "super persuasion".  Part of her persuasion ability allows her to be nearly invisible when she's not moving.   Baby Doll is not affected by her powers.

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