Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Masters of the Universe Monday: Zodac

Zodac is one of the last remaining members of the Council of the Wise, who fill the role of enforcing the cosmic balance.  Zodac was the leader of the Council and decided to retain his human form after most of the members of the Council became the spirit of Greyskull.  Their decision came in the wake of Skeletor stealing the Golden Discs from them by corrupting Zanthor, a Council member.

Zodac vowed to sail the cosmos in his chair, keeping a watchful eye over Eternia, but not interfering in the natural course of events.

He is aware that Prince Adam is He-Man and even gave Skeletor the idea to go after the Starseed to test wether Prince Adam was worthy of the mantle of He-Man.  Eventually, He-Man helped Zodac reform Zanthor, who joined him on his cosmic mission.

Zodac's stats are for 13th Age from Fire Opal Media and published through Pelgrane Press.  Preorder here!

7th Level Spoiler               Initiative +8
Attack gun +12 vs PD; Hit: 8d6
Natural Attack Roll 18+ Make another gun attack roll as well.
Enforcer Any attack roll against Zodac that rolls a natural 1-5 deals 1d12 damage against the attacker.
AC 23
PD 21
MD 20
HP 108
Icons: Zdoac has worked with Skeletor (The Lich Lord), King Randor (The Emperor), He-Man (The Crusader), and the Sorceress (The Archmage).

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