Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Duchy of St. Cuthbert: Icons for 13th Age

One of the unique aspects to 13th Age are Icons, they are the equivalent of the powerful NPC's that aid or oppose your player's in the course of the campaign.  Here is how the Icons are represented in my Duchy of St. Cuthbert setting:

The Archmage is the Hexenschule, which has been the most prestigious school of arcane arts on the continent for centuries.

The Crusader is Verilous the Wise, the chief advisor and administrator for the Duchy.  He maintains a close relationship with the Duchess.

The Diabolist is The Brotherhood of Bones and Teeth, an ancient brotherhood who serve Pale Night. They call upon the Alabaster, those that have given in to their darkest urges in Pale Night's name, to further their schemes.

The Dwarf King is Bertram Grimkeep the Chief Librarian for the Seminary at Golen Hall, he is a long lived dwarf who has been a steadying presence to the dwarves of the Hall, especially after the site lost it's prominence as the seat of the dwarven Jarl.  Bertram prefers a role behind the scenes and has a great deal of sway over the Seminary's High Priest Verily Stonegrit, who Bertram recommended for the position.  The Librarian has gained the admiration of Duchess Katarina Malifaux.

The Elf Queen is Wand, the treant who rules over the wood elves of the Ash Forest and who maintains a constant vigil for the return of the Charnel Overlord to mark the turning of the Age.

The Empress is Duchess Katarina Malifaux, the current ruler of the Duchy who has cultivated good will with fair taxes and a diligent defense of her subjects.  Many rumors of her ambitions, her family's sordid past, and her many indiscretions float throughout the Duchy.

The Great Gold Wyrm is Luvelda Mor, a retired adventurer who owns and runs the Orchard, a restaurant and bordello in Newhom.  Luvelda is a deva and all of her actions have a deeper meaning.

The High Druid is the Green Wraith, a druid who has turned her back on Obad-Hai and who took over the Wraithwood many years ago.   She grows stronger every time her homonculi, giant spiders she calls her wraith widows, devour another victim.

The Lich King is Kelek the Charnel Overlord, an ancient lich that  has recently returned his attention toward the Duchy, in the wake of Verilous the Wise's procurement of an Idol of Perrin.

The Orc Lord is Maw, the Chela of Blibdoolpoolp, a kuo-toa who rules over the Drudge, the undergound river that flows beneath the Duchy.  Her pod had infiltrated and corrupted the dwarven colony at Blundehare's Mine, destroying any who opposed Maw's will, until Moradin sent a firestorm of Azer to purge the Mine and sealed it off from the interlopers for hundreds of years.

The Priestess is Grimm, a prize pig who was blessed by St. Cuthbert with great intelligence and the power of speech.  Grimm was raised from a piglet by Neville Breck of Brighton, who loves the pig dearly and has handed the running of the farm over to his porcine friend.

The Prince of Shadows is the Wolf of Cauldron, a werewolf who has used his curse to rule the black market that clings to the underbelly of the Duchy.  The Wolf is cautious and keeps his true identity a secret.  He and the Duchess have come to an understanding and her guard know that while his operation maybe be battered, it cannot be shut down.

The Three are the Corrupted, a cult to Nilat the Corrupter that has already murdered several victims as an offering to their dark goddess.  For years they have been breeding and training drakes in secret, their goal to unleash them upon the Duchy and pave the way for the Concordance of Nilat, the alignment of five planets allowing Nilat to stride forth into the dawn of a new Age.

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