Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Death's Head Keep Level 2, Room 14

The left door from Room 10 leads here. 

A huge grandfather clock is placed against the left wall this room.

  • It is 10’ x 10’.
  • The grandfather clock is twice the size of a normal one.
  • Its cabinet is a light maple and the metal components are made of orichalcum.
  • A booming roar announces that it is Noon and Midnight.
  • The floor is covered in saw dust.
  • A secret alcove behind the clock can found with a successful Notice check at -1.
  • The alcove has 5 shelves and there is a Bearskin Cloak (pg. 149 SWADE Fantasy Companion), Cap of Tongues (pg. 150), and a Potion of Spider Climb and Recharge (pg. 145) on them.
  • The ceiling is 30' high and features a large an enchanted lamp offering bright light.

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