Saturday, February 11, 2023

Castles & Crusades: Ice Men

"Hyperborea is a cold and unforgiving realm with long nights, blasting winds, and a cold that can seep into one's soul as easily as their bones. Occasionally, Boreas hears the cries of the dying and offers them an alternative to a frigid and lonely death. Those that accept his offer find their very skin hardening into transparent ice. They no longer feel the wind and ice as they follow him into the North Wind. There they wait, patient and frozen, until he unleashes his ice men as a storm upon the land."


NUMBER: 2-8, 10-100   INT: Average

SIZE: Medium              ALIGNMENT: Neutral Evil
HD: 1 (d8)                    TYPE: Humanoid
AC: 14                          TREASURE: 1

SAVES: P                     XP: 5+3
MOVE: 30 ft.
ATTACKS: By weapon

SPECIAL: Duskvision, Immunity to Cold (full), Hide and Move Silently as Level 1 Rogue





INT: Average

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