Monday, February 13, 2023

Death's Head Keep Level 2, Room 12. #Dungeon23


A blazing inferno roars in a pit that dominates this room.

  • The room is 80 x 80.
  • The fire pit has a diameter of 30'.
  • The heat from the fire is so intense that a creature may not get closer than 10' without some form of heat resistance.
  • One round after entering the room 4 azers step out of the flame.
  • The ceiling is 70’ high and forms a chimney covered in soot and ash.

Their weapons glow white hot as the azsers they move in close.

  • Their leader is a head taller than the rest of her kin and she eyes each of the PCs before saying, "I am Hralda Brightspear and my clan and I have pledged to protect this Keep and slay any intruders. Prepare to die."
  • Herald's spear is enchanted and grants a +1 to Athletics (Throwing) and Fighting as well as a +1 to damage. Additionally, it grants +1d6 natural Armor against fire.
  • On the far wall is a set of steel double doors.

Hralda Brightspear 

Parry 7 | Tough 9 (3) | Pace 6 (d6)

Athletics d8 | Fighting d8 + 1 

(spear d8 + d6 + 1) | Shooting d6 | 

Ag d8, Sm d8, Sp d6, St d8, Vi d8 | 

Edges Frenzy | Special Abilities 

Damage Field 2d4, Immunity to fire


Parry 7 Tough 8 (3) Pace 6 (d6) 

Athletics d6 Fighting d8 (warhammer 

d8 + d6) Shooting d6 | Ag d6, Sm d6, 

Sp d6, St d6, Vi d6 | Special Abilities 

Damage Field 2d4, Immunity to fire

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