Saturday, February 4, 2023

Death's Head Keep: Level 2, Room 3 #Dungeon23

 Hay covers the stone floor of this large room that is also littered with strange rocks.

  • The right hand door from room 2 leads here.
  • It is 60’ x 30’. 
  • There is a musky odor.
  • There is no other door in this room.

An ill kept coop sits in the middle of the far wall.

  • A light clucking can be heard from within it.

A cockatrice is roosting in the coop and will turn its petrify stare upon anyone who disturbs it.

  • The statistics for a cockatrice is in the SWADE Fantasy Companion on page 176.
  • The cockatrice is broody and is trying to hatch a ring.
  • A clear amethyst stone is set in a platinum band.
  • The ring is enchanted and will adjust to fit the wearer’s finger.
  • The ring increases the wearer’s Stealth by 1 die and their Gambling by 3 dice.

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