Thursday, February 16, 2023

Death's Head Keep Level 2, Room 16. #Dungeon23

 The door from Room 15 leads here. 

A landing with stairs going up and down lie before you.

  • It is 15’ x 10’.
  • Dim green lights are built into the left and right wall of the landing.
  • If the stairs leading down are taken the sixth step is trap that turns the steps into a slide leading to pit trap with spikes that opens up on the bottom landing. Any PCs that move down the stairs are considered one step behind each other.
  • A successful Notice check at -2 alerts a PC to the trap. 
  • A successful Athletic check lets a PC catch on to something and not fall into the pit or be harmed by the spikes.
  • Remember that some of the PC's may be Fatigued, Exhausted or Wounded from previous rooms or attempt Multi-Actions to help their allies.
  • The spikes in the trap inflict 3d6 damage and are AP 2.
  • The door on the bottom landing is fake and leads nowhere and the stairs that appear to lead further down from that landing simply lead to a stone wall.

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