Thursday, February 16, 2023

Death's Head Keep Level 2, Room 15

 The left door from Room 14 leads here. 

The wall to the right is covered in a bright yellow hive that throbs to a silent beat.

  • It is 20’ x 10’.
  • Toward the far corner of the left-most wall is a brass door that is locked by 3 deadbolts.
  • Once a creature of Size 1/2 or greater steps on this room's floor the hive immediately stops throbbing and one round later vomits forth hundreds of shiny golden worms that blindly launch themselves at the nearest creature.
  • The worms are a Quick Encounter (SWADE pg. 134-135) and the PCs can make an Athletics (get out of the way), Common Knowledge (the door is locked), Fighting (smash them), or Thievery (unlock the door quickly) check at +1. A failed individual roll causes a PC 1 Wound or d4 Wounds on a Critical Failure. An individual success means the PC only has Bumps and Bruises (SWADE pg. 125) or are unscathed with a raise.
  • If the PCs have less total successes than their number and they gained a wound then they became Fatigued or Exhausted on Critical Failure.
  • The worms are destroyed when they pass through either door.
  • A successful Academics or Occult roll identifies these as writhers an alien swarm that can drain a creature of all of its blood in minutes. A raise informs a PC that anyone wounded by a writher can now be tracked magically by certain spells for 2d8 days.

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