Friday, February 10, 2023

Death's Head Keep: Level 2, Room 9. #Dungeon23

A large library filled with hundreds of books on shelves going from the floor and a central circular table with a raven wearing a fez studying a scroll.

  • It is 40’ x 30’.
  • The ceiling is 15’ high and a stark white.
  • A huge chandelier provides bright natural light that is refreshing compared to what you have found in the Keep thus far.
  • A large circular table cut from sequoia sits under the chandelier with several books and scrolls scattered upon it.
  • A raven wearing a fez is engrossed with one of the scrolls on the table.

The raven won’t notice you until you make any kind of noise.

  • The raven is Xing Xao Xoo a Sorcerer who lost a bet with The Dagda and is now looking for a way to return to his own shape.
  • He is very egotistical and will lose interest in any conversation that doesn’t focus on him and his plight.
  • Xing has found the spell he needs but requires the eye of a ghoul, the tongue of a mimic, and a feather from Thoth whom he owes 80 gp.

Xing Xao Xoo 

Wild Card

Parry 6 Tough 12(6) Pace 6 (d6) 

Athletics d6 Fighting d6 

(talons d4 + d4) Shooting d6 | 

Spellcasting d12 Ag d8, Sm d12+1, 

Sp d8, St d4, Vi d8 | Edges Arcane 

Background (Magic), Channeling, Danger Sense, Improved Arcane Resistance, Quick, Wizard | Special Abilities Armor +6, Flight (Flying Pace of 12)


The walls are covered in books except for the door you entered through and a matching door across the way as the only exit.

  • The shelves are filled with histories, magical treatises, books on alchemy, geometry, astronomy, astrology, and bestiaries from all over the world.
  • The shelves in the far right corner are behind a orichalcum cage that is locked.
  • The cage is enchanted.
  • A successful Thievery check at -2 will detect and bypass the lock’s trap.
  • While a successful Thievery check at +1 will open the lock.
  • If the trap is not detected anyone within a Small Blast Template will take 4d6 cold damage that may be Evaded.

The books within the cage all deal with the darkest of subjects including awakening eldritch horrors, worshipping destructive deities, guides to Hell and the Abyss, and the foulest of sorceries.

  • On the bottom shelf is Melodia of Endor’s Book of Shadows. Studying it for at least a month will allow you to take Warlock and Witch Edges on pg. 95 of the SWADE Fantasy Companion.
  • The sole book on the fifth shelf is I, Cambion chronicling the life and times of Yussev the Hellbringer. Studying it for a month allows you to take the Diabolist Eges on pg. 86 of the SWADE Fantasy Companion.
  • On the eighth shelf is The Summoner’s Almanac whose author is unknown. Studying it for a month allows you to take the Summoner Edges on pg. 93 of the SWADE Fantasy Companion.
  • On the top shelf is the Kakodex by Fester Moonbow, the Lich of Eddings. Studying it for a month allows you to take the Necromancers Edges on pg. 90 of the SWADE Fantasy Companion.

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