Sunday, February 5, 2023

Death's Head Keep: Level 2, Room 4 #Dungeon23

 A dozen skeletons hang from long chains, attached to the ceiling, swaying lazily. 

  • The left hand door from room 2 leads here.
  • It is 40’ x 40’.
  • The ceiling is 50’ high.
  • The chains are 40’ long.
  • The skeleton’s feet are approximately 3’ off the ground.
  • The floor is stone that has been stained pink in many places.

The chains form a maze that leads to a door in the left corner of the far wall.

  • Touching any chain awakens the 12 skeletons who immediately drop to the ground and attack the closest enemy.
  • If the Action Card for the skeletons is a black king or black queen a wraith is summoned and an Action Card card is dealt for it.
  • Navigating the maze without touching the chains requires 3 succesfull Athletic checks at -1 for each PC.

Skeleton x 12

Parry 5 | Tough 5 | Pace 6 (d6)

Fighting d6 (claws d6 + d4)

Shooting d6 | Athletics d6

Ag d6, Sm d4, Sp d4, St d6, Vi d6 | 

Edges Combat Reflexes


Wild Card

Parry 6 Tough Pace 10 (d10) 

Fighting d8 (claws d8 + d4) 

Shooting d6 (death stare 2d8 6/12/24)  | 

Athletics d6 Ag d8, Sm d6, Sp d6, 

St d8, Vi d8 | Edges Dead Shot | 

Powers Flying

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