Saturday, February 11, 2023

Death's Head Keep: Level 2, Room 10. #Dungeon23


A hallway turns to the right and after about 50’ has three short steps leading.

  • It is 10’ x 75’.
  • Three torches are mounted 7’ above the along the left hand wall.
  • Their green flame indicates they are enchanted.
  • The ceiling is 15’ high.

After the steps two doors are set in far wall. One to the right and one to the left.

  • Both doors are locked.
  • Neither is trapped.
  • A successful Thievery check will open either door.

Sitting vigilantly above both doors in the center of the wall is a gargoyle. 

  • It’s perch is about 8’ high.
  • A successful Notice roll at -1 reveals that it opens its left eye every 15 to 20 seconds to spy on anyone in the hallway.
  • If spoken to it will reveal it’s name is Kerna and it is a spy for it’s clan here in the Keep.
  • Kerna is a pacifist and won’t defend itself if attacked.
  • If pressed they will admit that they deplore violence and are essentially an outcast given this role because their parents were too embarrassed to have her stay at their megalith.
  • Kerna’s parents are the leaders of her megalith. Their father is known as the Stalactite and their mother is known as the Stalagmite.
  • Kerna isn’t used to kindness let alone anyone listening to her so any social Trait rolls involving her are at a +2.
  • If asked directly she will advise taking the door on the right because she believe there is a dragon in the room on the left.
  • At Noon and Midnight a bellowing roar can easily be heard from the room on the left.
  • Kerna uses her innate magic to transport to her megalith and therefore has never been in either of the rooms she watches over.


Wild Card

Parry 4 | Tough 11 (4) | Pace 4 (d4)

Athletics d10 | Fighting d4-2

Shooting d4-2 | Ag d6, Sm d4, Sp d8, 

St d10, Vi d10 | Edges Alertness,

Brute, Improved Arcane Resistance,

Improved Block, Iron Jaw | 

Special Abilities Armor 4, Flight 

(Pace 10)

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