Friday, February 10, 2023

FLGS Owner on Palladium Books & Their Decision About The OGL

I've been a fan of the Palladium Megaverse since I found a copy of the Magic of Palladium Books at a local store (in Milan, IN) while in college in 1991. I was hooked. The art, the gonzo, the kitchen sink, the hyperbole. All of it. 

Sadly, I'm one of those people that is driven nuts by the Palladium "House System". It's a mess. I was a brand new gamer and I didn't realize that in that era the rules weren't supposed to cover everything and you, the GM, were supposed to figure that stuff out. But in 1991 I actually thought about writing Kevin a letter to find out exactly how many attacks a PC got in Heroes Unlimited. I was just stumped.

It never occurred to me to just set a base percentage chance to every Skill and ignore Boxing and those other skills.

Kevin and his business partner, Sean Owen Roberson, addressed WotC's OGL debacle in a Weekly Update during January. They even addressed how many people had asked for a d20 version of their games with this quote, "[Kevin] patiently detailed multiple reasons he considered [an OGL version] a very poor move, and in the end, I heartily agreed with him. As a close friend put it to me yesterday, Kevin called this one years ago. I don’t think we will hear this particular suggestion as much moving forward, but I wanted to note Kevin’s foresight and expertise in this matter."

The emphasis is mine. 

The OGL and the D20 license have been around over 20 years. How much money and fan good will would they have won in those 20+ years? Would his company have become the next Paizo? Or Goodman Games? Or Troll Lord Games? We won't ever know.

Would that have innovated a newer better system in that time? Again, we won't ever know.

What is wrong with Palladium Books is Kevin and his myopia and it is just one more thing to shake my head about from him.

Hell, he might send me a C&D because I referenced his work on my blog.

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