Saturday, February 18, 2023

Death's Head Keep Level 2, Room 17 #Dungeon23

  The door from Room 16 leads here. 

The Sigil of the Witch Queen

A long hallway with windows on both sides that reveal an infinite night filled with stars.

  • It is 30’ x 10’.
  • The hallway's temperature is 30° and it leads to a heavy orichalcum door with the Sigil of the Witch Queen in dried blood.
  • A successful Occult check reveals that the hallway is built within the Plane of Night and the outside is lethal to humanoids.
  • The windows have a Parry of 2 and their Object Hardness is 20 (SWADE pg. 98). A broken window will require each creature to succeed at an Athletics check at -2 or be pulled outside where they will die in 1d4 minutes. The windows are enchanted to repair themselves in 1d6 turns.

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