Monday, February 6, 2023

Death's Head Keep: Level 2, Room 5 #Dungeon23

 Soft light filters through gauzy curtains that reveal the silhouette of a figure lounging on pillows and singing a bawdy tune about a unicorn and a noble.

  • It is 25’ x 20’.
  • A rainbow of soft pastel scarves hang from a bright white ceiling barely concealing the singer.
  • Silk pillows litter the floor around the singer who reclines upon them with nary a care.
  • The smell of a yasemin cigarette, which rests lazily in the beings hand, is earthy and with a hint of musk.
  • The singing stops and the figure calls out, “Visitors? What day is it? Oh, yes. It is today.  I am Habrind Lokzmezcka and we must talk.”

The speaker is tall, lean and confident and once through the streamers Habrind is revealed to be a rakshasa with white fur and emerald stripes.

  • Habrind makes no effort to rise and will not stop anyone from simply moving toward the door in the middle of the far wall.
  • His eyes are lavender and each time he takes a drag on his cigarette he shapes the blown smoke into fantastic shapes such as narwhals, kaiju, and comets.
  • If the PCs choose to interact with him he offers them cigarettes and cinnamon tea. Neither item will harm them.
  • He explains that he is the Witch Queen’s Major Domo and it is his job to prevent trespassers.
  • The Witch Queen doesn’t want her experiments jeopardized and has no patience for “adventurers”.
  • He offers each of them 200 gp and teleportation to any area within 10 miles.
  • If he is attacked he shrinks and heads for a small hole in the wall behind his pillows.
  • Any Notice check to find him is at a -4.


Parry 7 | Tough 8 | Pace 10 (d10)

Athletics d12 | Fighting d10 

(claws d12+1 + d6) | Shooting d10 |

Spellcasting d12 | Ag d10, Sm d12, 

Sp d10, St d12+1, Vi d12 | 

Skills Notice d10, Gambling d10, 

Intimidation d10, Persuasion d12 | 

Edges Arcane Background (Magic),

Strong-Willed, Danger Sense, Humiliate,

Rabble Rouser, Retort, Tough As Nails | 

Powers Armor, Confusion, Entangle, 

Growth/Shrink,Illusion, Puppet, 

Quickness, Stun, Teleport | 

Power Points 50

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