Thursday, February 23, 2023

Death's Head Keep Level 2, Room 18. #Dungeon23

   The door from Room 17 leads here. 

You walk into a kitchen that is dimly lit by an enchantment worked into the stones of a huge hearth. A cast-iron cauldron, shaped into the smiling face of the Godmother, dominates the entire room.

  • It is 15’ x 30’.
  • A narrow table runs most of the length of the left-hand wall and a lonely rolling pin sits cockeyed upon it.
  • Just after this table is a wide blue door.
  • A long table cuts through the middle of the room and it has the word "Frae" carved roughly into it.
  • Shelves and larders are bare and there is a slight echo to the room.
  • A faint smell of warm cookies lingers greeting you.
  • The ceiling is 14' high with thicken wooden rafters.
  • There are no webs of any kind within this kitchen.

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