Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Death's Head Keep: Level 2, Room 7. #Dungeon23

The only light spills in from the open door to dimly reveal stacks of wooden chairs and a narrow walkway along the left wall.

  • It is 15’ x 25’.
  • The room is cool and dry.
  • There are 8 stacks of 5 to 7 chairs.
  • The ceiling is 8’ high.

There are 2 doors in the far left corner.

  • The first door is on the left hand wall about 3/4 of the way down that wall.
  • The second door is about 2’ from the left-hand corner on the far wall.

The first door has a padlock made out of a heavy steel.

  • The lock can be picked quickly and/or under stress with a successful Thievery check.
  • If there is no rush anyone with a d6 or higher in Thievery can pick it in d4 minutes.

The second door is unlocked and squeaks like a squirrel as it opens.

  • It is 15’ x 10’.
  • The room beyond its door has large pelts on the stone walls and a hearth with a roaring fire in the middle of the far wall.
  • Several couches face the fire and its comfortable warmth is felt from the doorway.
  • This “room” is a mimic and as soon as it least one person has entered its maw it attacks.
  • Us the stats from the Pathfinder for Savage Worlds Bestiary on page 90 with the following adjustments: Size is Large, Strength is d12+2, Toughness is 15 (2).
  • When the mimic is killed anyone inside of it is vomited out into the stacks of chairs and takes 2d6 damage and the “door” disappears.
  • Anyone who makes an Occult check can point out that the monster somehow used extra-dimensional space for its “gut”.
  • A successful Notice check at -1 allows the discovery of the mimic’s bezoar which at this size is worth 600 gp.

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