Tuesday, June 7, 2022

The Predator for Stars Without Number


for Stars Without Number

HD: 6

AC: 16

Atk: +9 

Dmg: 1d10+3

Shock: 4/AC 13

Move: 10m

ML: 10

Skills: +4

Save: 12+

  • Has +6 to Initiative.
  • As an Instant action the Predator becomes nearly transparent for the rest of the scene, gaining a +2 bonus on all Sneak checks and giving most creatures no chance to spot them at all unless they are specifically vigilant for intruders or the cloaked target gets within five meters.
  • As a Move action the Predator uses a med kit to cure 3d6 damage. The med kit has 2 uses per day.
  • Targets of the Predator’s melee Execution Attacks have an additional -2 to their Physical saves.
  • The Predator’s range attacks deal 1d3 Shock.

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Unknown said...

I was reading in a Pinterest post which I have downloaded from Pinterestvideo that story is also breathtaking suspense about this creature(Predator).

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